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How do I modify or disable the HUD's use of the Alt key?

A number of games, Emacs, and the terminal make extensive use of the Alt key. Can Unity be configured to respect this key, rather than launching the HUD with it?

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How do I disable mouse magnet on middle edge with multi monitors?

I use Ubuntu 12.04 on a two screen setup. Multiscreen on 12.04 has generally become much better, but there is one thing that really gets on my nerves: there's a mouse magnet of sorts on the middle edge (between the two screens). It's undoubtedly there to make it easier to interact with the launcher on the right screen. But I have enough trust in my mousing skills, the magnet is more annoying than helpful in my case. Can I disable it somehow?

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How do I turn on workspaces? (Why do I only have one workspace?)

It appears that Unity on Raring only comes with a single virtual desktop (aka workspaces) by default, and CCSM's Wall plugin has no way to add more. Is this configurable at all?

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Can I move the Unity launcher?

I can’t get used to the new Unity system. I’d like to move the left Unity panel to the bottom of screen (like Windows 7 – more similar is better).

But I can't find a way. Is it possible?

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How to pin Eclipse to the Unity launcher?

How can I pin eclipse indigo 3.7 I have 'installed' at /opt/ to the taskbar?

I have tried launching eclipse and right-clicking to choose the 'keep in launcher' option. But when I click that icon, after closing eclipse, it doesn't start eclipse.

I have already looked at How do I add Eclipse Indigo to the launcher? but no answer worked for me. (Mod note: The answers from this thread are now merged into this one)

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How can I remove duplicate second Unity Launcher on a Dual Screen setup?

See attached image. On my dual screen display I have a Unity Launcher on the left hand screen and also on the right hand screen. Both work perfectly fine.

I don't want two Unity Launchers. Every time I move my mouse to the right hand side it gets slowed down over the right launcher hampering my productivity.

I have an Nvidia card with the Nvidia driver and I am using TwinView.

Could somebody please tell me how to remove this extra duplicated launcher?

enter image description here

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What can replace system monitoring in the top Gnome Panel in Unity?

I'm used to have System monitoring in the top Gnome Panel: CPU, Temperature, Net, Fan-Speed. (see screenshot below)

screenshot of Gnome 2 panel showing the system monitor applets

In Unity, the Top Panel is locked for window name and global menu, so I can't add panel applets. So my question is:

Is there a way to replace this kind of system monitoring (always visible, taking not much space) in Unity?

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What are some of the issues with CCSM and why would I want to avoid it?

I've seen some people complaining about how unstable CompizConfig Settings Manager ("CCSM") is and how it can break people's desktops if they're not careful.

What are some of the known problems with CCSM? I'd like to decide whether or not it's worth the risk for me.

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How can I edit/create new launcher items in Unity by hand?

Will Unity allow making custom launcher icons from .desktop files or via menu editing system? (Right now the launcher doesn't give the option to "keep in launcher" on all programs.

For some programs I use, I have to make custom launchers or .desktop files.

For instance, daily blender builds are generally just folders with an executable.

In basic Gnome or KDE, I can make a new menu entry with the menu editing system. Then, I can also add it to Docky either from the menu or by dragging a .desktop file to it. Unity launcher doesn't support drag and drop, so thats not a bug or anything, but when I open a .desktop file, it has unpredictable results. Most time it will not have "keep in launcher". Sometime it will have a pinnable item without the .desktop's icon, and if I pin the item to the launcher, it will not call upon the program again after closing it. I've also gotten it to just work with a .desktop file for celtx.

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How can I configure Unity?

Are there any configuration options for the Unity desktop?

There are multiple valid answers for this question spanning over several versions of Ubuntu. For your convenience an index of each below (How can I tell which Ubuntu release I'm using?):

If you're looking to configure Unity 2D, look here.

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How to change tooltip background color in Unity?

In a lot of applications the tooltips are just plain ugly (White text on black background, way too much contrast) or even unreadable (black or dark blue text (Hyperlinks) on black background). I want to change the background color of the tooltips to some medium gray or even some yellow or something like that, maybe even something semi-transparent.

Here is a screenshot of Eclipse which displays some source code in a tool tip with black text on black background:

Eclipse with an unusable tooltip

Switching to a different theme (Something other than Ambiance or Radiance) helps but I like Ambiance and I want to keep it. It's just this darn tooltip color which is absolutely unacceptable.

I found several solutions for older Ubuntu versions but they no longer work with Unity in Ubuntu 11.10 because I can't find any function to customize the Ambiance or Radiance theme. So how do I do that in the current Ubuntu version?

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What lenses for Unity are available?

This question is present as a matter of historical interest. While you are encouraged to help maintain its answers, please understand that "big list" questions are not generally allowed on AskUbuntu and will be closed per the FAQ.

What lenses are available for Unity?

If the lens has (a) scope(s) remember to add them to your answer as well.

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How do I reset my Unity configuration?

I've been messing around with Unity and broke something, how do I "start over"?

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How can I reduce or increase the number of workspaces in Unity?

I was reading about how to get multiple workspaces in the mutter version of Unity, however since Compiz is replacing Mutter how do I go about adding and removing workspaces in Compiz version of Unity?

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How can I keep recent files from appearing in Unity?

I sometimes browse erotic media files but I would like to avoid having them appear in files & folders / recent. How can I do that?

The old "making .recently-used.xbel a folder" trick from 10.10 and older doesn't work any more.

Plus I'd prefer to turn off tracking only temporarily.

I also prefer not to use a separate user for this, as switching users sometimes isn't fast enough.

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